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These Terms of Use, as well as our Money-Back Policy, Revision Policy, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, are documents that describe the agreement between our company and our users. Our Privacy Policy explains what data we collect, how we use it, and why we do it. We use cookies and other similar technologies to collect our customers’ personal data. Please check out the Privacy Policy to get all the necessary information regarding privacy and data protection.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before you start to use our website. If you continue to use this website and make orders on it, it will mean that you agree with all the provisions described in the Terms of Use, along with the Money-back Guarantee, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Revision Policy. You also agree that our website may use cookies and other similar technologies according to our Cookie Policy.

If you don’t agree with any provisions described in this document, please stop using this website immediately.

Children Under the Age of 16 Shouldn`t Use Our Website

Children under the age of 16 don’t have the rights to their personal data so they cannot enter an agreement with our company. We don’t intentionally collect any personal data from children under the age of 16, and they should not use our website or make any orders here.

Australian Customers Shouldn’t Use This Website

If you’re a resident or citizen of Australia, you shouldn’t use this website. Users from Australia are prohibited from using our services according to the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Amendment (Prohibiting Academic Cheating Services) Act 2020 No. 78. Therefore, Australian users shouldn’t use our website or any kinds of software that can be used to bypass the existing legal restrictions.

Payment and Fees

After you click the “Proceed to Payment” button, you will be redirected to the payment page so that you can pay for your order. All our services are prepaid, which means that you should make a payment so that we can start to work on your order. If you don’t pay for your order, if your payment is declined, or if we don’t receive it for any reason, we will deny your order and proceed to it after you make payment.

Please double-check the final price of your order before clicking the “Proceed to Payment” button and confirming your order. We have the right to change the details of your order and request additional payment if there is any difference between the details that you’ve included in the order form and your assignment instructions.

You may also need to pay additional fees if you order any extras. Please check out the prices of our extras before ordering any additional features. The final price of your order depends on the chosen extras, the type of your paper, its academic level, and the deadline.

All the prices on our website are calculated in USD. These prices don’t include the VAT, so if you make an order from an EU country, you may also need to pay the VAT. In some cases, we may be legally required to include the VAT in the final price of your order, even if you’re not located in the EU.


If our writers fail to follow our customers’ instructions, our customers can request a refund and get their money back. Please check out our Money-Back Policy to learn more about the cases in which you can request a refund, refund amounts, and other details. Keep in mind that we can only issue a refund to the original source of payment.

Warranties and Representations

Our company operates on a legal basis so we make sure that nobody uses our website or our services for any illegal purposes. We comply with all the relevant laws and regulations so we have a system of shared representations and guarantees.

If you continue to use this site, this means that you agree to these Terms of Use and that you’ve read this document in its entirety. You also guarantee that any information from this document will be properly cited and attributed to the initial source.

You also agree that you will properly cite any information from papers that you’ve purchased here and that you will only use them for research purposes. Our papers should only be used for references and as examples of academic writing. You can also use our papers as examples of proper formatting according to a certain citation style.

You agree that freelancers who complete your orders on this website transfer all the rights to their written materials to our company, as well as our partners and affiliates. Therefore, you guarantee that you will not share, copy, post, or use these written materials in any other way without our written consent.

You also guarantee that you won’t put your name on the papers purchased on this website and you won’t present them as your own. You should not make copies or distribute these written materials. You can only purchase papers here for personal, non-commercial use. You don’t have any intellectual property rights to the materials purchased on our website.

You guarantee that you won’t submit the papers you’ve purchased here to any educational institution. Our company possesses all intellectual property rights to the papers written by our writers, and you are required to use these papers according to this document. Our company doesn’t encourage or facilitate any types of academic fraud or plagiarism.

A level of plagiarism below 10% is considered acceptable. If the level of plagiarism in a paper purchased on our website exceeds 10%, you can request a refund or revision according to our Revision Policy and Money-Back Guarantee.

Our company agrees to follow all reasonable instructions from our customers described on the order page and to collect the necessary research data to successfully fulfill the order.