A few things you’re asked about:

When are your working hours?

You can order an essay anytime and get in when you decide because we work constantly. Our team is big enough to find you an essay helper in any event. There is always someone online who can take your assignment.

Is your essay writing company legit?

100% yes! We understand your concern and we encourage you to read our documentation to make sure it’s all lawful and safe. If you want particular answers that you can’t find by yourself, contact our support. They will explain anything you have interest in!

Do you work online only?

Yeah, our company exists only online. The thing is, it accumulated the best essay writers from the UK and the USA. Well, we have the office but our employees work remotely for ultimate convenience.

Can I order an essay paper if I’m originally from another country?

Sure thing! We can help anyone with their papers. It doesn’t matter where you came from and what your motivation to order is. Students are students, and we’ve been through the same hardships.

Can my essay writer do the research for me?

We can conduct any research and write a paper from scratch for you. You can leave 100% of the work to us and wait till it’s all done. If you don’t want to participate or watch, it’s understandable, and that’s how it usually is.

Can I watch how my assistant writes my paper?

Of course! Our essay helpers can demonstrate the whole process so you can write essays by yourself later if you don’t want to hire a writer. If you have any questions about how to do particular parts of a paper, you can ask for an explanation.

How many revisions can you offer?

As many as you want. We work until you say that you like your essay at its finest. Furthermore, do not tolerate any errors and typos! If there are some, we will correct them in no time.

How long does it take to write a paper for me?

You’re the boss and you decide how much time we have! The most urgent deadline is 3 hours. Well, the text itself will be ready in 1-2 hours but we also have to check it and have spare time. We’ll still deliver it a bit earlier. But we recommend asking for help in advance to save money.